Apprenticeship information

You asked

What is the annual Apprenticeship Levy?  

Our response

For 2019/20 the levy declared is £70k

How much Levy do you currently use? 

£1,200 per month

How many Apprentices do you currently have? 

4 apprentices

What training providers do you use?

We use providers that are on the GMCA Framework such as Manchester Met University, QA Ltd, ESTIO Training

What Apprenticeship standards do you use?

Non currently

How many IT Apprentices do you have?


Who is the best contact for Apprentices?

Julie Ann Murray,

AWP levy funds used during financial year – 2019 / 20

Payments from Levy – £15k

AWP levy contributions during financial year – 2019 / 20   

Levy declared – £70k