Allergy services

You asked

1) What allergy services do you commission for your population? Please differentiate between children and adults? 

2) Please describe current pathways for children (and adults) who have presented with suspected and/or confirmed anaphylaxis? Both at A+E and within Primary Care Settings

3) Who in the organisation has responsibility for the commissioning and monitoring of performance for allergy services? Please provide Job Title and Salary Band. 

4) Please provide details of how performance monitoring is undertaken for allergy service(s) and list KPIs used to monitor performance of the service(s)?  

5) Have you taken any steps to improve allergy services you commission during the last five years? If yes, please describe them? 

6) What is the referral criteria into local allergy services? 

7) How are allergy referrals prioritised? 

8) Covering the most recent 12-month period (up to when data is available). What was the average wait time from referral to the patient receiving an appointment with an allergy service? 

9) What patient feedback/experiences do you routinely collect relating to allergy services provision?

Our response

Please be aware these services (delivered by Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust) are commissioned directly by NHS England (NHSE) and not Manchester CCG. The clinical speciality commissioned by NHSE is part of a strategic clinical network (NW Allergy network).

We recommended contacting NHSE directly for further information –