Adult atopic dermatitis information

You asked

Did Manchester CCG have a commissioning policy on adult atopic dermatitis between the dates 01.04.2017 and 21.06.2021?

Our response

Manchester CCG as part of Manchester Health and Care Commissioning (MHCC) does not have a specific commissioning policy relating to atopic dermatitis either from 01.04.2017 to or currently

Does the Manchester CCG currently (as of July 2021) have a commissioning policy on adult atopic dermatitis?

Manchester CCG and Trafford CCG jointly commission a Community Dermatology Service through About Health Ltd since July 2021.  This service is part of an integrated pathway with Primary Care, Community Care, Secondary Care and Tertiary Care within Manchester and Trafford localities.

Once part of an Integrated Care System, is the CCG aware of plans for the ICS to have a commissioning policy on adult atopic dermatitis in place the next two years (from 21.06.21 to 21.06.23)?

The pathway for treatment of Inflammatory dermatoses (as listed here) is detailed below  – all adults and children, e.g. all eczemas – including contact dermatitis, psoriasis (adult & children), rosacea , lichen planus, lichen simplex, lichen sclerosis, pityriasis lichenoides, lupus, purpura and cutaneous vasculitis and other skin rashes not responding to treatment /management in primary care

The pathway for treatment for all inflammatory dermatoses as listed above is:

  • Patient self-care – Emollients for mild cases (e.g. eczema)
  • Primary Care – Emollients and topical treatments as per local and NICE guidelines
  • Community Dermatology Service – refer for patch testing / eczemas unresponsive to standard treatment.  Localised morphoea / Topical treatment / Dressing clinic / Diagnostics / skin biopsy / Systemic treatment e.g. kenalog / oral steroid / oral tetracyclines / isotretinoin (OFF-LABEL) for rosacea (as per Service Specification with Manchester & Trafford CCGs)
  • Secondary Care – (Requiring specialist treatment) – Patch testing / Photopherapy / immunosuppressants / biologics / Cutaneous lymphoma / Amyloidosis / Extensive morphoea / scleroderma

It is not the current understanding of Manchester CCG that there will be a commissioning policy specific to atopic dermatitis (inflammatory dermatoses) once part of the Integrated Care System.