Our values

The values that lie at the heart of our work are:

We are positive

  • We are proud of Manchester
  • We work hard to deliver for local people
  • We do what we say we will
  • We are proactive, creative and ambitious
  • We also act quickly
  • We recognise the strengths of individuals and our communities.

We are collaborative

  • We listen to and act on what people tell us and are open and honest
  • We also are active partners to work with
  • We work on a neighbourhood basis
  • We influence regionally and nationally
  • We are clinically/professionally led
  • We work with all communities of place and identity.

We are fair

  • We invest more in areas with poor outcomes currently
  • Our decisions are based on evidence and data
  • Our workforce practices policies and development processes are shaped by our values
  • We act on the views and experiences of different communities
  • Swiftly address examples of poor quality of care.