Patient and Public Advisory Committee

Hannah Fabian

As a psychology student Hannah joined PPAC to gain insight into how the NHS works and to improve communication between the universities and health Services. Hannah is interested in making sure good services are provided for people living with mental health issues and learning disabilities.

Davine Ford

Davine became a PPAC member to utilise her volunteer experience in health and care commissioning. Davine has a keen interest in Black and Minority Ethnic communities, equality and diversity, carers, older people, cancer services and services for young people and mental health.

Rohina Ghafoor

Rohina joined PPAC to ensure her areas of specialism, including research, quality assurance, safeguarding and equality with a particular reference to intersectionality, violence and abuse against women and children, and disability are represented. Rohina also has a keen interest in black and minority ethnic citizens social justice issues.

Leila Hamrang

Leila joined PPAC to support change in care for young people affected by cancer. Leila is an active volunteer in the community raising awareness of cancer in young people, support available after treatment ends and the care of disabled and older people.

Lisa Jones

Lisa became a PPAC member to share and utilise her wealth of knowledge and experience as a patient to improve services for patients. Lisa is a committed volunteer and tutor in the community, with a particular interest in chronic illnesses and conditions.

Kubilayioe-Joe Kaya

Kubi joined PPAC to understand and influence how the NHS operates to benefit all everyone in Manchester. A youth volunteer, Kubi’s main interest is youth related drug use and addiction, aiming to ensure steps are put in place to combat these issues.