Patient and Public Advisory Committtee

Patient and public involvement is a statutory duty and essential in developing and improving health and care services.

Lisa Jones

I have been a patient since the day I was born and I have many chronic conditions, that’s why I started speaking up for patients as a volunteer at conferences and workshops by being part of system leadership in Manchester. I volunteer on the Public and Patient Advisory Committee and sit on other committees for Manchester Health and Care Commissioning which I started a few months ago. In addition I also volunteer on the student nurses programme committee at Manchester University. This lead me on to becoming a volunteer tutor for the expert patients programme teaching self management for people with chronic illnesses or conditions.

Atiha Chaudry

Atiha became the Chair of Central Manchester CCG’s Patient and Public Advisory Group in June 2015. In 2016, Atiha was successful in becoming the Chair of the city-wide Patient and Public Advisory Committee for Manchester Health and Care Commissioning.

As the Director of Equal Access Consultancy which she set up 13 years ago, her areas of specialism include research, consultancy in economic and community regeneration, equality and diversity and the community and voluntary sector. Atiha has lived and worked in Manchester for over 20 years and has, and continues to give much of her time to voluntary and community activity.

Alan Campbell

Alan Campbell joined PPAC two years ago, eager to learn more about long term health conditions. Alan is a person-centred counsellor and has been awarded the Charity Staff Foundation’s Campaigner of the Year 2016. In his spare time he enjoys simple pleasures such as sitting outside a coffee shop in the summertime watching the world go by.

Anita Clokie

Anita Clokie

Anita joined PPAC in 2018. She has a special interest in disability, older people, young people/students and social and hospital care. She is particularly concerned that people who are in hospital or residential care or who are receiving home care have appropriately aided hearing/communication support and also that staff are appropriately trained in all aspects of the care of vulnerable people in the new services being commissioned by the MHCC.

Colin Bayley

Colin Bayley has been a member of PPAC since September 2016. He is also the chair of his GP practice Patient Participation group but was eager to discover what else is happening in the rest of Greater Manchester to broader his outlook. Colin’s main interest is in the elderly and he says PPAC has given him the confidence to help these people the best he can. One way he is doing this is through volunteering at Salford Together where he teaches basic computer skills to over 60s. Colin says, “Thanks to PPAC, I am learning all the time and the wealth of knowledge I am gaining is beyond belief!” In his spare time, you may find Colin anywhere throughout Europe. He enjoys travelling to different countries by train and meeting the local people.

Davine Ford

Davine Ford

Davine has been a PPAC member since June 2016. She has a keen interest in BME communities, equality and diversity, carers, older people and mental health.

Jamil Abdulkader

Jamil joined PPAC in 2018 and is especially interested in dementia and care of the elderly. Originally from Tanzania, East Africa, he has lived in Manchester for over 48 years. After finishing University, he joined a bank where he worked for 30 years before taking a well-deserved retirement.

Since then, he has worked as a volunteer in the local neighbourhood of South Manchester. He is a Trustee at the Levenshulme Inspire Task Force and a board member of Ambition for Ageing programme in Burnage. He is also member of the Equalities Board and the GM Older Peoples Network, and is a member of Age Friendly Manchester Board.

Nikki Jean Pattison

Nikki Jean Pattison

A PPAC member since August 2014, Nikki Jean Pattison first became involved through a desire to utilise her 26 years of NHS experience to benefit others, along with contributing to CCG development. Nikki is a carer for someone with complex long-term conditions and also has an interest in mental health, public health and health and wellbeing. Nikki says that being a member of PPAC allows her to appreciate the changing and challenging circumstances faced by both the NHS workforce and its patients. She enjoys meeting other PPAC members and sharing different ideas and concepts whilst keeping up to date with the changes in the NHS. In her spare time, Nikki loves to cook, tend to her garden and enjoys reading.

Martin Rathfelder

Martin Rathfelder

Martin Rathfelder has been a PPAC member since 2012 and joined to discover how the CCG functioned. His key interest is in public health and he enjoys exchanging ideas and experiences with other PPAC members to broaden his outlook. In his spare time, Martin enjoys writing, cycling, and contributed to a change in law around Disability Living Allowance to help blind people.

Saira Qureshi

Saira Qureshi

Saira has been a member of PPAC since June 2016. She has a keen interest in carers, BME community, older people, younger people and students.

Tom Harrington

Tom has been a PPAC member since 2013. He became involved because he wanted to ensure services for people in north Manchester were fit for purpose. A former mental health nurse and crisis councillor, Tom feels he developed a better understanding of caring for patients after being one himself. Tom has a number of conditions, has survived a stroke and brings the experience of the services treating him to the committee. He’s a strong believer in the importance of early intervention and has a particular interest in neurology, mental health and cardio-vascular medicine.

Stephen (Tony Wright)

Stephen Wright is the director of Socio Economic Regeneration CIC, which works with various organisations to develop services for the continuous improvement of disadvantaged communities in Greater Manchester. Stephen creates opportunities for individuals, community groups, and public service providers to learn from each other to develop sustainable partnerships. He uses innovative ways to develop and promote inclusion, independence, and the well-being of residents, supporting and encouraging them not to rely on statutory provision alone. Over 35 years working in the community he has trained, supported and developed workforce and volunteers with skills and the capacity to work in a range of appropriate settings. Stephen has supported various agencies to ensure that individuals are appropriately equipped to work effectively in their chosen fields. He is very passionate about his work and is happy to champion the mission, vision, values and the ethical standards of any organisation which match his own.

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