Patient and public involvement is essential in developing and improving health services in Manchester. The Patient and Public Advisory Group (PPAG) is made up of local residents and meet on a monthly basis to ensure the MHCC local plans meet the needs of local people.

If you are interested in attending one of our PPAG meetings, or would like information about how to join as a formal member send us an email or call the Engagement Team on 0161 765 4004.

Atiha Chaudry

Atiha became the Chair of Central CCG’s PPAG in June 2015. As the Director of Equal Access Consultancy which she set up 13 years ago, her areas of specialism include research, consultancy in economic and community regeneration, equality and diversity and the community and voluntary sector. Atiha has lived and worked in Manchester for over 20 years and has, and continues to give much of her time to voluntary and community activity. Atiha is currently undertaking the following roles, to name but a few:

  • Chair of The Greater Manchester BME Network
  • Lay Member of Central Manchester CCG
  •  Justice of the Peace on the Stockport Bench
  • Vice Chair of the Manchester Settlement
  • Board Member of Greater Manchester Centre for Voluntary Organisation
Zurina Ali

Zurina Ali

Zurina has been a PPAG member since the establishment of the group. She decided to get involved due to her interest in the impact that NHS restructuring can have on local communities, and hoping to encourage the CCG to take proactive steps to tackle social disparities in health. Zurina has a special interest in Child and Maternal Health especially the infant feeding practices, due to involvement in breastfeeding support and advocacy since the early nineties. Zurina is passionate about women’s empowerment issues; having lived in Asia, North America and Europe, she has an understanding of women from diverse backgrounds. In her spare time, Zurina loves to work on her allotment and explore English Heritage sites with her family, and is also a keen cook.

Colin Bayley

Colin Bayley has been a member of PPAG since September 2016. He is also the chair of his GP practices PPG group but was eager to discover what else is happening in the rest of Greater Manchester to broader his outlook. Collin’s main interest is in the elderly and he says PPAG has given him the confidence to help these people the best he can. One way he is doing this is through volunteering at Salford Together where he teaches basic computer skills to over 60s. Colin says, “Thanks to PPAG, I am learning all the time and the wealth of knowledge I am gaining is beyond belief!” In his spare time, you may find Colin anywhere throughout Europe. He enjoys traveling to different countries by train and meeting the local people.

Alan Campbell

Alan Campbell joined PPAG two years ago, eager to learn more about long term health conditions. Alan is a person-centred counsellor and has been awarded the Charity Staff Foundation’s Campaigner of the Year 2016. In his spare time he enjoys simple pleasures such as sitting outside a coffee shop in the summertime watching the world go by.

Harry Fleming

Harry Fleming has been a member of PPAG for two years and his main interests include primary care, general practice, health screening, public health and medicines. Harry attends the meetings to stay up to date with changes in healthcare and he enjoys listening to peoples different experiences to broaden his knowledge. In his spare time, Harry has a keen interest in astronomy. He even has two telescopes, two travelling scopes and a hydrogen alpha solarscope! In May 2016, he watched the transit of Mercury from a park in Rome gathering quite an international crowd of interested onlookers. Harry says his biggest achievement has been working as a researcher in the field of alternative energy and was awarded an MPhil in philosophy for his work on heat pumps.

Davine Ford

Davine Ford

Davine has been a PPAG member since June 2016. She has a keen interest in BME communities, equality and diversity, carers, older people and mental health.

Tom Harrington

Tom has been a PPAG member since 2013. He became involved because he wanted to ensure services for people in North Manchester were fit for purpose. A former mental health nurse and crisis councillor, Tom feels he developed a better understanding of caring for patients after being one himself. Tom has a number of conditions, has survived a stroke and brings the experience of the services treating him to the Group. He’s a strong believer in the importance of early intervention and has a particular interest in neurology, mental health and cardio-vascular medicine.

Nikki Jean Pattison

Nikki Jean Pattison

A PPAG member since August 2014, Nikki Jean Pattison first became involved through a desire to utilise her 26 years of NHS experience to benefit others, along with contributing to CCG development. Nikki is a carer for someone with complex long-term conditions and also has an interest in mental health, public health and health and wellbeing. Nikki says that being a member of PPAG allows her to appreciate the changing and challenging circumstances faced by both the NHS workforce and its patients. She enjoys meeting other PPAG members and sharing different ideas and concepts whilst keeping up to date with the changes in the NHS. In her spare time, Nikki loves to cook, tend to her garden and enjoys reading.

Emile Pinel

Originally from the Peak District in Derbyshire, Emile moved to Manchester after university where he has worked at board and management level in the voluntary sector for over 20 years. In his spare time Emile enjoys watching cricket and rugby, trying to cook, listening to audiobooks and binge watching sci-fi.

Lorraine Lister

Lorraine Lister

Lorraine Lister has been a PPAG member for almost two years. She became involved to act as a public voice; sharing her experience and passing on information. She is particularly interested in mental health and strives to make a difference whilst positively influencing others.

Gill McKnight

Gill McKnight

Gill has been a PPAG member since March 2016 and has a particular interest in oder people, carers, palliative care, MS and continuing healthcare.

Saira Qureshi

Saira Qureshi

Saira has been a member of PPAG since June 2016. She has a keen interest in carers, BME community, older people, younger people and students.

Martin Rathfelder

Martin Rathfelder

Martin Rathfelder has been a PPAG member since 2012 and joined to discover how the CCG functioned. His key interest is in public health and he enjoys exchanging ideas and experiences with other PPAG members to broaden his outlook. In his spare time, Martin enjoys writing, cycling, and contributed to a change in law around Disability Living Allowance to help blind people.

Jenny Ruff

Jenny Ruff joined PPAG in November 2016. Jenny was a graduate midwife in the 80s and 90s, sitting on the Manchester Maternity Services Liaison Committee. In 2005, she carried out a Health and Community MRes at Manchester University and obtained a postgraduate diploma in this.

Jenny has a long association with a counselling centre in Altrincham as a volunteer and trustee. She has also volunteered at Trafford General Psychiatric Hospital which gave her a great insight and was very thought-provoking. As well as this, she was a volunteer with a Luncheon Club for 20 years and now volunteers in the Cancer Research shop in Didsbury.

Jenny’s interest in health has ran in the family for generations. Her mother served on many health related committees in Manchester and both her grandfather and great grandfather were both GPs in Longsight before and after the NHS!

Stephen Tony Wright

Stephen Wright joined PPAG in March 2015 aiming to bring his experience of working with ethnic minority communities across Manchester. With an interest in sickle cell disease and mental health, Stephen, also known as Tony, joined PPAG to give under-represented residents a voice, encouraging accessible information and advice by breaking down barriers. A builder by trade, Stephen has a keen eye for renovating buildings and has worked hard in areas of deprivation to transform spaces to enable communities to get together. Tony has even taken on the challenge of a lifetime to save the huge grade II listed building in Hulme, Hulme Hippodrome, which once hosted Laurel and Hardy and The Beatles.  

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