Dr Raja Murugesan

Dr Murugesan Raja

GP Board Member

Dr Murugesan Raja was appointed to the board in July 2018. He has been the Clinical Lead for Respiratory Medicine for Central Manchester Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) since 2014 and with Manchester Health and Care Commissioning (MHCC) since inauguration. He also leads clinically for Quality and Performance.

Raja is a committed GP whose keen interest is to reduce health inequalities, by tackling the wider social determinants of health. He is a GP trainer for the Greater Manchester Deprivation Focussed GP Speciality Training Programme (GPST) and works with Hope Citadel at Hawthorn Medical Centre in Levenshulme. He leads on improving the quality of Health Care and Respiratory Medicine across all domains and now oversees it in Greater Manchester.

His free time is usually spent with family and busy with activities related to the local church.