Contract penalties and over £25k spends

The CCG is committed to meeting transparency requirements in relation to how we spend the money we are given.

As part of this we periodically publish information on the payments we have made which are over £25,000. You can see and download the information from the last 12 months by clicking on the monthly over £25k spend links below. If you would like the below documents in a different format please contact

NHS Manchester CCG over £25k spend

Contract penalties

North East Sector (NES) SRG Ambulance Penalties

During 2015/16 NES CCGs worked closely with NWAS and Pennine Acute Hospitals Trust (PAHT) to improve ambulance turnaround times at PAHT hospital sites. Where these turnaround times exceeded 30 minutes a fine was applied to the hospital site. The NES System Resilience Group approved the investment of these fines into a range of schemes to help improve the situation. In total circa £400,000 of fines were applied in 2015/16 resulting in 7 schemes delivered by a range of providers across the NES locality. Further details on the schemes for the North Manchester area can be obtained by contacting North Manchester CCG at (note this statement was added to our website in 2015/2016 when NHS Manchester CCG was north, south and central Manchester CCG).