EDHR Strategy and Policy

MHCC is committed to understanding and responding to the changing needs of the residents of Manchester and aims to:

  • Reduce unlawful discrimination in all our functions as a commissioner and employer
  • Reduce inequalities in health among the different groups of people living in the city
  • Develop a holistic awareness and understanding of communities and their health needs
  • Commission services from providers who are able to be responsive to the diverse needs of individuals and their families
  • Promote equality of opportunity and inclusion so that all staff and patients can achieve their potential and have the best life chances possible
  • Become a strong community leader, championing equality in all aspects of work and with other local partner agencies


The 5 strategic objectives are:

  • Objective 1: To increase the awareness of the EDHR agenda
  • Objective 2: To improve data collection and usage across all equality groups
  • Objective 3: To ensure effective communication, engagement and involvement tools are available and accessible for all communities
  • Objective 4: To ensure that all commissioned  providers have robust standards in place in respect of EDHR and have plans in place to make improvements
  • Objective 5: To ensure inclusive leadership, and an engaged and represented workforce


Click the link below to find out more about the strategy and objectives (currently for Manchester CCG):


The Strategy is also available in Easy Read format:  Easyread NHS Equality Strategy

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